The History of Stretch Limos

While enjoying a relaxed drive in limousine rental Las Vegas, you will get plenty of time to think about random things. You may wonder about the invention of the limo and its history. There may be certain questions in your mind about the popularity and design of the limousine. A limousine is a comfortable way to travel from one place to another. The design and structure of this car is under consideration because it has been refined and changed several times because of new technology and changing needs. It is now famously known as Hummer Limo. You can hire a stretch limo because of its features and interesting amenities. Click here to read more info about history of limo.

Origin of Limousine

The first limousine was introduced in 1902 with two compartments. The back compartment was completely closed for passengers to protect them from weather and outdoor elements. It offered complete privacy to the passengers. The first compartment of stretch hummer was designed for drivers and was not completely enclosed. It was designed with a completely covered top. With back enclosure and front open compartment, the vehicle had a great resemblance to the French shepherd’s cloak designed with an elevated hood. The cloak was designed for the region of France and soon the car was known by the name of Limousine.

The Stretch Limo

The stretch limo was the original type of limousine available for twenty years. The first stretch limo was created in the late 1920s. The original stretch limo was designed by the coach company called Armbruster in Arkansas. At that time, only big bands were using limos because the large available space could easily facilitate the larger groups of people and their tools. They were initially known as the big band buses and after a particular period of time, these bands were closely identified with their transportation. The stretch limo was becoming favored and the big band leaders like Glen Miller and Goodman were frequently using them. Read more at

The History of Stretch Limos

The Popularity of Limo

In the next decades, the limousine was popular among the rest of the Americans. They started using it for personal pleasure and soon the limousine became the symbol of luxury and ride. The limousines are really popular nowadays because these are used by almost all people. In the past, only rich people and celebrities could use limousines, but now a common American can.

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